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What We Offer


The CSF Afterschool Enrichment and Summer Enrichment Program is comprised of our CORE Academic Programs for our youth which include reading and math tutoring, computer instruction, homework assistance, journaling and public speaking. The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) has been designed to help reduce the effects of Summer learning loss and to instill into youth that learning can be (and is) fun!    


Residents are able to use the resources at the community centers to help them create resumes, complete online job applications, practice interview techniques, and receive job development training to help them secure employment. 


At CSF, we understand that aging can often limit or eliminate the social interaction once enjoyed. Without this social interaction, it is possible for seniors to deteriorate at a quicker rate, both mentally and physically. 



• Food Programs

• Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Program

• Computer Instruction

• Reading and Math Tutoring

• Journaling & Public Speaking

• Financial Literacy

• Community Service Opportunities

• Recreation & Sports Activities

• Health and Wellness Initiatives

• Anti-Bullying Sessions

• Book Clubs and more...


• Resume Writing and Interview Techniques

• Job Placement Assistance

• Health and Wellness Workshops

• Tutoring and Homework Assistance

• College Application Instruction

• Scholarship Assistance

• Vocational Education

• Computer Instruction

• Anger Management and Conflict Resolution

• Anti-Bullying Sessions

• Mentoring and more...



• Health Screenings and Wellness Sessions

• Computer Instruction

• Financial Literacy

• Commodity Food Programs

• Social Service Referrals

• Social Networking Activities

• Recreational Trips

• Arts and Crafts

• ESOL Classes

• Parenting Classes and more...

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