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What We Do


Community Services Foundation provides the training and oversight of onsite staff located in managed housing community centers. CSF coordinates partnerships that provide programs and services that they recommend, as well as those that are identified by the Owner and residents.


CSF youth programs offer after school and summer enrichment programs that include core programming of homework assistance, reading and math tutoring, computer instruction, journaling and public speaking, as well as services tailored to the resident’s needs as well as other educational and recreational sessions identified to meet and expand the exposure needs of the youth. CSF also offers adult programs that range from job readiness to social and recreational activities.


CSF actively seeks funding to support onsite programs and services and thereby is able to reduce the cost associated with staff salaries and the programs offered. CSF has received funds from local, state, federal, private foundations and partnerships. We are dedicated to having a positive impact on the communities that we assist and instilling a sense of pride in the residents.


We welcome the opportunity to design programs and services that will meet the needs of your residents!

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